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Sticky Post and Fic Masterlist

Hello!  Welcome to my livejournal. All of my fic is unlocked, and so is most of my meta, which can largely be found under this tag.  Feel free to friend away; I'll add back just about anyone, so long we've talked before or you drop me a comment introducing yourself first. I've been holding off on the master list thing until I had enough posted that I wouldn't feel like an idiot putting one up.   Newest fic listed at the top.

More fic can also be found on my tumblr masterlist

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FIC: Runs In The Family (Teen Wolf)

On the very off chance that any of you are A) still following this journal, B) not keeping up with me on tumblr, and C) actually interested in Teen Wolf, I wrote a fic! Well. Possibly it qualifies as a novel.

Title: Runs In The Family

Author: Narceus/C is for circinate

Rating: Mature (or R)

Summary: It used to be, every witch and werewolf this side of the Rockies knew the name ‘Hale’. Every hunter, too; well, that part goes without saying.

Every hunter west of the Rockies knows the name ‘Argent’, too.

Word Count: Tops out around 95k, give or take.

Pairings: Major ship in this race is Scott/Allison.  This story is about as gen-focused as canon--there's sex, and there's love, and they don't always happen in the same place, but that's not always the point.   We brush past a handful of other things, few of them what you could call healthy, and at least one sexual relationship that I would hesitate to call fully consensual.  As always, heed the warnings list.

Warnings: DO TAKE THESE SERIOUSLY.  This story contains suicide (off-camera) and the aftermath of suicide. One character who is hella determined to send himself the same way. Physical assault, canon-typical violence. Torture and implied torture. Statutory rape and sexual manipulation of a minor by an adult. Peter Hale being his creepyass self.

This story also includes an abusive family situation that I don’t entirely know if I have the words to properly describe (at least in less than 90k). Extremely controlling authority figures, lots of psychological programming, enforced isolation from the outside world, threats of domestic violence, one scene where somebody actually bleeds and a lot of scenes where somebody’s afraid of it. It is, in its basics, a cult.


Take canon and make one single, fundamental swap.  Watch how much it doesn't change things at all.  In January of 2011, the Argents come to Beacon Hills, Laura and Derek Hale right behind them, and nothing will ever be quite the same again.

Prologue: This place has a history In which we learn our backstory.

Chapter 1: Put a bullet in the barrel, take the safety off In which wolves and hunters find themselves in Beacon Hills, not for the first time.

Chapter 2: Softly through the shadow of the evening sun In which people walk far too willingly into trouble.

Chapter 3: And the ravens are leaving the tower In which people make plans.

Chapter 4: Push the button and pull the plug In which the moon is full and everything goes very, very wrong.

Chapter 5: They say you can catch it but sometimes you're born with it In which everybody comes from somewhere.

Chapter 6: The things we laid do not amount to much In which there are consequences.

Chapter 7: In the end everything collides In which many things explode.

Chapter 8: It's a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat In which some people survive.

Chapter 9: And you shed not a single tear for the things you didn't  need In which there is a denouement.


So, um. Hey, guys.

Six months of radio silence seems like enough, right?

So yeah. That thing where I disappeared and did not post or answer any comments or PM's for a while. That was a thing that happened. Sorry about that.

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The One About Dragons: State Of The Fic

So I realized that maybe, making a post about how I am having A Week and sometimes things are just hard, and not answering any comments, and not making any more posts for the next week, might be worrisome or something.

First thing I want to do is post a couple of links that you should totally check out. Two people have given some great excellent fanart! First of all, the lovely ali_jj gives us this GoT-inspired concept art with Kurt, and Blaine, and, of course, a dragon. Then, from artspell, we have Elisabet of the Noticeri Dwen, in all her badass glory. Go, marvel, tell them they rule. (It looks like the image link at the second one might be broken, which is a shame, since it is beautiful and I need to promise artspell a ficbit of their choice and everything.)

Also, if you like what I do here, and/or enjoyed that not!fic Faberry I posted a while back, you should check out the cleaned-up chatfic of the first regularly scheduled New Directions Orgy (December, 2011) that crown_of_weeds and I wrote. We've got at least four or five more chats that need tidying into postable form, so there's more of that to come :)

Okay. Dragons.

It's been three and a half weeks since I posted Part 5, and I have about 3,000 words of Part 6 written. Guys, you have seen me write. When I am on with something, I can write that much in three and a half hours. This...this is not on.

So far, The One About Dragons is just about 30,000 words long, which is shorter than a full-length NaNoWriMo project, but does mark right about the point every November where I fall apart and just start throwing crap onto the paper. I'd like to do better than that, with this story. WIPs are not really my best bag. I inevitably start to get frustrated because I have other ideas I want to do things with, and resentful because I feel like I need to be working on just this one story and nothing else.

(You guys, for the record, have been awesome about not being pushy. Thank you. I know you want more, you know I want to give it to you. I know the writers of some popular WIP's can get kind of inundated or harassed, and I haven't been, at all, and I'm very very grateful.)

I wanted to write this one, and I still really do. I said I was going to finish it, and I still am. You know you can trust me on this one. You saw Blarry.

So. This story is not being discontinued. It's not even, really, going on hiatus. I'm still keeping the gdocs tab open, I'm plugging along, but it's going to be a lot slower from here on out than it was the first few weeks when everything was new and quick and shiny. (Part of this is that my RL is in a bit of a jumbled upheaval right now, and getting that settled--which, pray to whomever you like, will happen within the next six to eight weeks or so--is going to be all kinds of complicated.) I will probably post other things in between, like the Faberry not!fic, or maybe, eventually, the story of how Kurt Hummel accidentally became a mob boss, and then, also, the President of the United States, but did not make it on Broadway. Eventually crown_of_weeds and I have to post the Mystery Project that we are still plugging away at (you are not prepared). I may subject you to short stories of original fiction.

I love you all, I thank you all, and as a present, have a bit of the next chapter of Dragons, just to keep you going:

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Good weeks and bad weeks

So, this was a bad week.

Cut for self-indulgent rambling. Warning for mental health stuff.Collapse )

BTW, for those of you who are pretty much just hanging out here for Dragons updates (which is totally cool! you do not need to read under the cut! it's kind of incoherent anyway): it might be a little while, because Reasons, but I will get right on finishing up the next chapter as soon as I'm not too tired to feel guilty about being late with it. I think it will be a happy chapter. So that will be nice for all of us.
Like Pottermore, where I am now GhostPhoenix 22449. And, somehow, a Gryffindor, what the everloving fuck maybe I shouldn't have tried to sort myself at 3 AM while drunk. So I am Very Conflicted over my house loyalties here, but you should still friend me over there. (It's so much cooler than I realized! And I got new wandlore info that wasn't in the HP wiki that is so totally making it into the next Blarry. I am such a geek for wandlore, you don't even know.)

(seriously, how the fuck did I end up in Gryffindor.)

Tonight, I drink alone

Play a game with me, LJ!

My parents are out of town, today was very long, and I have half a dozen bottles of various fruit-based malt beverage to turn into an excellent Phineas & Ferb drinking game.

If I'm getting drunk by my lonesome, you should totally hang out with me. So. For one night, and one night only!

Prompt me anything. Any fandom, whether you think I've seen/read/heard of it or not. In fact, particularly if you think I haven't. I will respond with whatever sort of fic snippet seems most appropriate at the time. Whoever's prompt produces the most ridiculous and 'that only makes sense in the world of drunk or Brittany-logic' result, wins. What you win...we'll find out.

(For the record, and for my own record, rules for the drinking game:
-Every time there's a song, drink
-Every time there's a Perry the Platypus-related catchphrase, drink
-Every time someone is a little young for something, drink
-Every time somebody answers, 'yes, yes I/it/we/noun am/is/are', drink some water to avoid alcohol poisoning
-Every time you end up wondering why Candace hasn't been institutionalized by her mother as a compulsive liar, drink
-Every time Buford and Baljeet seem to be way too D/s boyfriend-y for a pair of eleven-year-olds, sip very lightly so as not to give yourself alcohol poisoning
-Every time Perry saves Dr. D from something, drink
-Every time you get more evidence for your Candace/Vanessa ship feels, chug half the bottle.

This should be fast.)
But if I were, one might go something like this:

Faberry under here...also crimeCollapse )

So yeah, sometimes things like that happen in my head. Usually I don't share them, but Ocean's 11 was on tonight, and I decided I felt like it.

Now if you'll excuse me, it has apparently somehow become 2:30 in the morning. Happy Easter if you're into that, happy Passover if that's your bag, good luck, and good night!

FIC: The One About Dragons 5/?

Sorry about the wait! I could tell you stories, guys, about scratched corneas and skunk disasters and also those four days where all of my Blangst broke completely and I couldn't write anything...

...but honestly? I'd rather tell you a story about dragons :)

Title: The One About Dragons

Rating: Rish, this part; eventually, NC-17

Warnings: DUBCON AND CHILD ABUSE. (Um. Not in the same place.) The dubcon will likely be mild, but the abuse will be very present, and ongoing for at least the first few chapters. Later chapters will also (likely) include graphic violence.
IN THIS CHAPTER: THIS ONE GETS BAD, FOLKS. We get some reasonably heavy on-camera abuse in the first scene, and much of the rest of this part involves dealing with the aftermath of that. Please please to not be triggering yourselves on this. The story will still be understandable if you skip the first scene here, though again, the aftermath's pretty prevalent even then.

Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. I own nothing.

Summary: Blaine's always been told that the dragon you know is safer than the dragon you don't.
In this chapter: Angry dragons have claws.

Notes: Always always crown_of_weeds, who helps me make things feel right.

Also, in case you missed it, this story now has side fic, in gratitude to the lovely eira_cannaid for making the best fanart ever. The story of how Kurt's mother, among other things, found herself a husband, and also a couple of swords.

Chapter 5: In Which Many Things Happen For The Very Last Time.Collapse )

FIC: The Twin Swords (a Dragons tale)

So, quite some time ago, the really excellent eira_cannaid made the most excellent fanart ever for The One About Dragons. I promised her a ficbit on any character of her choosing in the world of the story, and then totally failed to deliver for a while.

So, fanartist-of-mine, if you can possibly forgive me: 1700 words of Elisabet of the Noticeri Dwen, wife of Burt, mother of Kurt: dragon slayer, perfectionist, and all-around badass mama.

For the rest of you: this doesn't contain any spoilers that I can think of for the rest of Dragons, besides small character bits such as how Kurt's mother died and how Burt became chief. It will give you some ideas about the culture of the Seventeen Tribes that would have come up later anyway, but nothing too big :)

In which a girl grows up, and has a son, and other things that might happen in a life.Collapse )

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